The Laws of Music

volunteer organization utilizing music to promote environmental awareness and protection of wild lands, wild waters, and wild lives.
Welcome to the website of Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (M.U.S.E.) We are an all volunteer organization; most of us professional touring musicians who are concerned about the health of our planet. Many of us draw our inspiration from the land, and feel the need to give something back toward protecting it. We have banded together to release powerful collections of music. The profits from the M.U.S.E. compilation recordings goes toward grants to small, cutting-edge conservation organizations that can get a lot done with limited amounts of funding. By supporting M.U.S.E. you are also supporting important environmental projects all across America.

“Perhaps it is music that will save the world.”
– Pablo Casals

Please explore our site further. Read about our musicians, our projects, and our passion for the Earth. Purchase some music or a T-shirt and support our grants program and our mission. Read our Music Makes A Difference blog or inspiring or humorous Quotes of Note. Come visit us again.

Musicians United to Sustain the Environment is a 501(c)3 nonprofit environmental organization with two primary goals. First, we raise funds for effective grassroots environmental projects through CD sales, concerts, and public donations. Secondly, as we ply our musical craft, we heighten environmental awareness — a vital step to help ensure a conscious and respectful attitude toward that which sustains us all…the Earth itself.

We are particularly interested in efforts to protect endangered or threatened species, protection of our nation’s waters, and preserving and restoring wildland habitats. Environmental education for our young — the soon-to-be stewards of our natural heritage – is also very important to us.